Gemara Sedura HaMeir


Powerful Tool for the Talmid Chacham
Tremendous Aid for the Novice

The New Edition of the Talmud in the New Format will:

Cut chazarah time half
Double the amount remembered
Ease the novice talmid with its clear format

What's in Gemara Sedura HaMeir?

  • Gemara Sedura Hameir is the Whole Gemara Organized, Punctuated, and Put into Pargraphs, and Sentence Fragments in a Beautiful Eminent Rendition of the Talmud
  • The Gemara is Formated into Two Brilliant Collumns
  • Rashi At The Bottom of the Page, Clear and Readable In Two Collumns
  • Text of The Talmud Revised by Kisvei Yad of Printing Errors and Censorship
  • As advised by the Gedolim, the Beautiful Vagshal Tzuras Hadaf Vilna Edition of The Talmud is Printed at the End of the Tractate
  • Endorsed by Gedolim of Israel and America

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