Gemara Sedura – Designed for Chazaras

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The Gemara Sedura is a Gemara that is designed for chazaras. Today there are many gemaras that are designed and created to enable a person to understand a specific portion of the gemara for the first time he is learning it.  Even though the Gemara Sedura helps in the talmid's first learning, this is not it's main objective. The Gemara Sedura is not a set of training wheels for people who are having trouble learning gemara, rather wings to fly, so a talmid can fly through gemara many times and grasp and remember it.  This is due to Gemara Sedura's beautiful tzuras hadaf and punctuation. The special format was created to give the talmid chacham the ability to do a fast chazarah and to memorize his learning.  Aspects that may have helped the talmid on his first learning (i.e. translation of hard words or highlighting the tanaic material etc.) were not added to the Gemara Sedura, so as not to disturb the talmid durring his later chazaras.

Most of a talmid chacham's time is devoted to chazaras. For example, a person might need an hour to learn a daf of gemara for the first time. Then for the rest of his life he will review that daf tens and hudreds of times, be"h. After his first learning of that daf, he has already devoted into that daf of gemara one hour of learning, however this first hour is going to become a small fraction of time in the scheme of the tens of hours that he will review this specific daf throughout his life, and so too to the whole shas. This is why the format of the Gemara Sedura is so helpful.

The Gemara Sedura is not like most of the sefarim today that are read only once, most twice, and kept only for later reference. The Gemara Sedura is a sefer that is meant to be read many many times for hundreds of chazaras.

Until now, most of the gemaras that have been published have been to help the talmid during his first hour of learning the daf. There hasn't been a gemara published with the objective of helping the many hours after. Therefore the Gemara Sedura was created to fulfill this objective to lahagdil torah and help the talmidim in their kinyan torah in gemara be"h. Go to the puchace page to get information how you can get a sefer.